Canadian Bank of Commerce MontrealUrban Construction Equipment Limited is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Stros, supplier of the most reliable and innovative hoisting equipment available internationally. Our experience spans before Urban Construction Equipment Limited was established in 1963 by Frank Csaszar. In June 1961, an Urban operated hoist is shown, (right), on the Canadian Bank of Commerce building in Montreal, which at the time was the tallest building in the British Empire.


Frank Csaszar - Founder Urban Construction Equipment LimitedFrank Csaszar passed on Thursday, March 29, 2012 at Toronto General Hospital in his 88th year. He lived his life with great courage and vigour. In 1963 he started Urban Construction Equipment Ltd. and prospered in his business which he worked at every day up until his death. He was a great innovator and creator of equipment and ideas in his field of expertise and never thought any challenge unsurmountable. Never one to say "it can't be done" he left behind a legacy of strength and fearlessness to all his descendents. His memory lives on every day at UCEL, as we strive to deliver his vision of being the best hoisting equipment provider in the world.


Les Csaszar - Urban Construction Equipment LimitedLes Csaszar, EDM-B, President - 40+ Years with UCEL.

Les has been the anchor point of UCEL for decades. Working with his father since childhood, Les brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the company. Les has worked across Canada, the United States and internationally on many different hoisting projects. his named is well known throughout the hoisting community and he has been a cornerstone in developing the Stros product into what it is today. Les is a master Elevating Devices Mechanic in Ontario.




Al Fockler - Urban Construction Equipment LimitedAl Fockler, Sales Manager - 3 Years with UCEL

Al was previously the Head of Sales at Royfoss Chevrolet for nearly 10 years. Al was added to the team in early 2012 to supplement UCEL's sales force in both construction hoists and industrial elevators. His experience in customer service and sales is vital to the expansion of UCEL's new international customer base. 






Mackenzie Csaszar - Urban Construction Equipment LimitedMack Csaszar, B.Comm, Operations Manager - 7 Years with UCEL

Les’s son Mack co-ordinates UCEL's operations including purchasing, asset management, business strategy and customer relations. Mack has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ryerson University and is pursuing his Elevating Devices Mechanic designation. 




Robert Heinrich - Urban Construction Equipment LimitedRobert Heinrich, Plant Manager - 7 Years with UCEL

Robert is a German-born and educated machinist/mill-wright. He co-ordinates all of UCEL's internal operations such as equipment turn around, custom fabrication and material preparation. Urban's reliability and punctuality hinge on the smooth function of our plant and internal operations. With 4 years of post-secondary education in Germany for industrial mechanics, Robert is the right man for the responsibility.





Chet Csaszar - Urban Construction Equipment LimitedChet Csaszar, Maintenance Coordinator - 7 Years with UCEL

Les's son, Chet is the chair of UCEL Joint Health and Safety Committee as well as Urban's maintenance co-ordinator. Chet ensures UCEL's well-respected equipment is kept in top-notch condition.






Top quality construction hoists and industrial elevatorsSTROS company was established in 1960 and is located in the town of Sedlcany, 70 km south of Prague, the Czech capital. Privatized in 1999, the company currently numbers about 200 employees.  In the late 1960’s the company started to export its products and the STROS trademark gained a good reputation. In the 70’s and 80’s the new V-series material hoists (load capacities 500, 750 and 1000 kg), as well as other personnel/material hoists were developed along with the suspended and work platforms series.Nowadays, the company focuses on designing and manufacturing construction hoists and their components. Its current production can be divided into five main groups:

• PERSONNEL/MATERIAL HOISTS (load capacity 600 – 3200 kg, one or two cages on the mast)
• MATERIAL HOISTS (load capacity 200 and 2000 kg)
• SUSPENDED PLATFORMS (length = 2 – 12 m)
• WORK PLATFORMS (load capacity 1000 – 3000 kg)

Stros is an ISO 9001:2009 quality management certified company.