UCEL Landing GatesModern high-rise developments create challenges for construction hoist installations. UCEL has 50 years of experience designing, building and installing set-back towers and custom landing equipment. 

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Landing GateLanding Gates

UCEL offers 4 separate landing-gate designs. These models include: bi-parting, single-hinged, horizontally sliding and vertically sliding gates. 

These landing-gates are compatible with most high-rise gate requirements however, we will design and manufacture in-house, custom gates for any irregular need.

All of our gates are designed to comply with true-interlock standards.


We are able to offer a side gate on all of our hoist units. This enables a length-wide, vertically sliding door to enable another access point; or load oversized materials.

horizontal sliding gateEnclosures

UCEL Landing TowersOur hoists are supplied with factory-made steel ground-enclosures complete with true interlock gates. 

Loading Dock & Overheard Protection

UCEL can provide standard or customized loadings docks of steel, aluminum and/or wood construction

Landing Towers

Landing towers are commonplace in today's high-rise market due to architectural contours and building podiums. UCEL can provide for any setback-landing requirements and may provide multiple-hoist-landing common towers to reduce the number of units occupied as hoist suites.


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